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10 Key Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Blog

Why Your Business Must Have a Blog If you’re running an online business, you might be wondering if blogging is worth your effort and time. The short answer is yes! Relatively speaking, blogging is an easy and affordable way to promote your business among potential clients.

Platforms like WordPress ( powering more than 32% of the web ) make it more accessible even for laymen. There are several hosting companies that not only offer cheap WordPress hosting but also provide easy-to-use tools and guides to help with blogging. So what are you waiting for? Go, build an impressive blog!

Blogging has many benefits. But probably the most important one is that companies running blogs generate more leads per month. Let’s look at other advantages of blogging.

1. Build your brand as an industry leader

One of the most important benefits of blogging for a business is building brand awareness. When you regularly create useful and actionable content for your readers, it can help you rise to the top of your market.

No doubt it will take time, but if you do it right, you will get where you want to go. A study reveals that bloggers who post daily get five times more traffic than those who don’t post.

2. Educate your audience

The benefits of a business blog are endless. By adding a blog to your business website, you can provide your Belgium Email List customers and potential customers with useful and necessary information about your products and services.

A blog gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. Not only will you be educating your customers, but you will be having meaningful, entertaining discussions.

3. Create value for customers

Today, customers are not interested in reading stories in sales posts. They don’t even like to emulate brands that promote too much.

A blog can be useful here. With a blog, you can provide your visitors with free information and knowledge in the form of ideas, tips, helpful checklists, and more. In exchange, you can expect them to buy it themselves.

4. Improve search engine optimization

Another benefit of a business blog is that it empowers your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). It gives search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo a reason to index your website content. Search engines will index every blog you post on your site, increasing your chances of being found online.

However, for this, you should post useful, relevant, and original content frequently. Also, the content should include long-tail keywords according to your business environment. Long-tail keywords help you connect with potential customers and build authority online.

Why Your Business Must Have a Blog

5. Attract organic traffic to your business website

As mentioned above, search engines index every blog post you publish, increasing your website’s chances of attracting organic traffic. These visitors found your business because of your blog content, not because they searched for your business directly.

Organic traffic is considered the best traffic because it directs the most targeted audience to your website and is completely free. It’s worth mentioning that most users ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results. According to SEO Court, 51% of content consumption in 2018 came from organic search.

Blogging is a must if you want to grow your brand awareness organically.

6. Gather Feedback and Reviews

(Image credit: Gerd Altmann)

If you are one of those people who are willing to bring continuous improvement to your business, then you will appreciate this advantage of blogging. A blog helps you accumulate feedback and reviews about your business.

Feedback and reviews are important sources of information for businesses and other readers. Positive feedback can boost confidence in other potential customers, while negative reviews can improve your business operations.

7. Collect emails

You can use your blog as a medium to collect the email addresses of interested customers by subscribing them to your blog posts. You can then use these addresses for email marketing and to send customers newsletters and promotions about your business.

A study shows that for every $44 spent on email marketing, there is a huge return on investment of about $1.

8. Build links to your website

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to build inbound or links from other websites to yours. When you create a great blog, it encourages other bloggers to link to your posts.

Remember, link building is a part of inbound marketing that helps improve traffic and SEO. According to Hubspot, websites with high-quality inbound links rank higher in search engines.

9. Help Build FAQs

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) helps you improve user experience by putting convenient information in one place. But building a FAQ can be a huge challenge if you don’t understand the real concerns of your audience.

A blog can help you. Usually, readers leave their queries in the comments section, based on this, you can create an FAQ section on your website. It allows you to provide short answers to your customers’ queries. Also, you can add a link to your article in the FAQ so that the reader can get more knowledge about the topic he is researching.

10. More shares

Another powerful advantage of blogging is the opportunity to create links for readers to share your blog posts.

Since there are so many sharing platforms today, readers can share your blog on social media platforms, Messenger, or email it to friends and family. This is also a great example of freelance marketing.

Yes, a blog is a must for your business

The benefits of blogging are obvious. From educating audiences to promoting SEO to building lasting relationships with existing and potential customers, a blog is a useful tool that any online business can benefit from.

Every business can do this, no matter what industry they are in. If your business doesn’t already have a blog, it’s time to start!

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