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The Main Brands That Sell Products Relatd

The Main Brands This deal is designd to boost the profile of esports around the world. An interesting fact, as can be seen, is that the brands that are beginning to consider esports & gaming sponsorships are no longer just the endemic ones . The cake has been opend to brands from all kinds of sectors. All this taking into account that, as shown in the graph above, esports & gaming sponsorships are the main source of income in this sector. Way above rights or publicity. Esports & gaming sponsorships in Spain Esports & gaming sponsorships in Spain Does the same thing happen in Spain? Everything indicates yes. For example, as indicatd in the study ” Inside eSports ” carrid out by the Sports & Entertainment division of MKTG, Spanish brands are beginning to see the importance of this discipline to reach a specific audience.

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This report indicates that there are already 54 brands present in the world of esports . And, interestingly, 94% of the new brands present in esports in the last year through sponsorships, advertising, content or events are not endemic. Consumer brands Greece Phone Number List have begun to exploit relationships with leagues, tournaments, gamers, teams or events. What brands bet on esports in Spain ” Inside eSports ” reveals a 29% increase in the number of brands active in esports. Specifically, there are 16 new brands that in 2018 began to work on esports & gaming sponsorship strategies. And everything suggests that this evolution will continue to increase.The Main Brands

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Thus, of the 54 active brands in esports, the sector that has increasd the most is food . The 8.9% increase in these brands means that they now represent 20.3% of the total. Another curiosity is that the endemic brands, specifically those ddicatd to the computer peripherals and hardware sector, have sufferd a decrease, -6.2% and -4% respectively. All in all, peripheral brands are still the ones with the greatest representation globally . These figures make Roberto Barreto, the director of marketing and new business at MKTG Spain, authors of the report, state that ” in less than two years we have gone from promises in the territory to realities with large advertisers “. What are these brands? A look at some of these new brands clearly shows that esports & gaming sponsorships have taken a leap: Cabreiroa, Pull&Bear, Telepizza, Kaspersky, Brillante, Mapfre or LG.

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