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When do you start seeing results?

When do you Another difference between organic promotion and paid advertising is the fact that paid advertising allows you to appear on the first page of Google search results the second you put in enough money and your campaign started running.
That means it is a matter of a day or a few days at most, until you can start seeing the results of the sponsored advertising.

On the other hand, if you want to see the results of the organic promotion – you will have to be patient.
In most cases of promoting on Google organically, you can see promising results in about a few months if it is an old site with a good ‘base’ for organic promotion, or within about a year if it is a completely new site.
Sometimes, it can take even longer to reach the first page of search results, especially if it is a competitive field with quite strong competitors

When do you Organic promotion on Google

It is possible to make some kind of analogy or comparison between the marketing field and the residential field. What is meant by? You can imagine the organic marketing for buying an apartment, and the sponsored advertising for renting a CIO and CTO Email Lists
apartment. That is, when you pay for sponsored advertising – you get to appear on Google or Facebook, you enjoy exposure to your business, and can even get sales.

But, the second you stop paying for the sponsored advertising – you will no longer be able to enjoy all of these.
This is similar to renting an apartment that allows you to live in it for a fee, even though it is not yours.

When do you start

When do you will you know what is When 

On the other hand, when you invest (time or money) in organic promotion on Google, you also When do you gain exposure, sales and leads. But here the advantage is that you can enjoy all of this in the longer term, and without having to continue investing in the organic promotion in the future.

Please note that while it is always important for the website to remain current and relevant, writing a blog post Contact Email List here and there and “maintaining” the results of the organic promotion over the years,
does not compare to the investment required for permanent sponsored advertising that will bring you results of the same scope.


What are the differences between organic SEO

What are the differences What are the differences between organic SEO? The main difference between paid advertising and organic promotion is. On Google is the ‘cumulative effect’ of your payment or of your marketing efforts. This effect exists in organic promotion but does. Not exist at all in sponsored advertising on Google. And what does it mean? We will explain.

Through sponsored advertising, your website can indeed. Appear in Google, even in the first result. But it will only stay there as long as you continue to pay for it.

When do you start seeing results?

That is, you have to keep paying Google for this advertising all the time, if you want to keep appearing in the search results.
And in order to appear always, or almost always, in the first sponsored result or on the first page of the search results, you will usually have to pay quite a lot.

On the other hand, through organic CFO Email List promotion, you can guarantee the fact that your website will appear on the first page of the search results for years to come, and you don’t have to pay Google for it even a penny.
Unlike sponsored advertising, when it comes to promotion on Google organically – you do not need to pay Google for the exposure you receive to your website.

What are the differences

What are the differences In conclusion?

This is organic exposure, that is – free and natural, which does not cost money. Therefore, when you do organic website promotion – you are actually creating an asset for yourself that will generate profits for you in the long term!

That is, when you advertise a sponsored campaign – on Google, Facebook or any other digital channel – you can get exposure and even sales, but you will stop receiving them Contact Email List from this channel the second you stop paying for advertising.
On the other hand, when you do organic promotion on Google, which is high-quality, effective and successful, you can continue to receive traffic to the website, sales or leads for years to come


Organic website promotion competition

Organic website promotion competition On September 11, 2022, a website promotion contest in Israel was starte. Gal Haziza from Buy post, the exclusive sponsor of the contest.

Over 20 website promoters have sign up for the contest. the winner of which is the one who reaches #1 within 30 days for a brand new generic phrase on Google.

This is the second time that this competition is held in Israel and you can learn a lot about Google’s algorithm from it.

I will provide a small overview of the competition here and give my opinion on the nature of the competition.

Choosing the main phrase of Organic website

The phrase chosen is ” Neve Pritzky ” in the guise of a new city in Israel.

Already on that day, it was possible for CIO and CTO Email Lists Organic website promotion competition to see the websites of the competitors starting to appear on Google, but in the first few days Google prefers to give the first places to news websites that publishes articles about “Neva Pritzky”.

Organic website

The organic websites can be learned from

Lots! First of all, I sign up for the contest just to better understand Google’s algorithm. As soon as you start something from 0 on a brand new phrase, interesting things happen in Google.

First of all, you can see that domain seniority is a main player in the initial ranking, as soon as an old news site arrives or just an old site that posts about the competition, Google will obviously prefer it over new domains.

You can see that the first site that leads in the last week of the competition. Site with a Contact Email List and excellent user experience that is built just like a real local authority site.

So we learn here the user experience on the website. Rating factors should be taken into account. When building a website and promoting it afterward.



Organic SEO or sponsored advertising?

Organic SEO In this post we will understand what is better to invest. More in-organic promotion or sponsor advertising? In addition, We will learn how you can choose the most effective. Marketing method for you. Website owners and business owners who are active. On the Internet often find themselves debating. Whether it is better for them to invest their budget and marketing. Efforts in digital – on organic promotion or on Google advertising? This is one of the classic and most ask questions in the field. Internet marketing, the answer to which is sometimes controversial. Therefore, in this post we will try to answer this question while presenting the advantages and disadvantages of sponsor advertising and promotion on Google organically.

Organic SEO promotion? 

Organic website promotion is a marketing method for a website promotion on Google, which does not include investing money in advertising-sponsor campaigns.
Organic website promotion is done by CEO Email List optimizing the website – both for the surfers and for the Google algorithm.

That is, organic promotion includes processes or actions, such as technical optimization of the site’s content, building a high-quality link profile, improving the site’s sped, writing relevant, high-quality, and valuable content, and more.
And all this with the aim of bringing your website to a higher place in the organic search results.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO What are the differences between 

Sponsor advertising, on the other hand, refers to the creation of campaigns for marketing your business, product, or website, which you advertise in various digital channels in a sponsor manner, that is, for a fee.
You can actually get more exposure and engagement with your business by running sponsored campaigns.

And specifically, through sponsored Contact Email List advertising on Google, your landing page or website can appear on the first pages of search results, as sponsored content.

That is, the goal of organic website promotion on Google is to bring you to the first page of the organic search results, thereby bringing you more sales and leads over time.


Competition range

Competition range The competition was schedule in advance. For 30 days, from 11.09 to 11.10. My opinion and the opinion of quite a few promoters who comment on this in the group is that the range is very short and whoever wins first place is very lucky!

Over 20 websites are submit to Google, all with links, all with content, not all of them look good but they all “pass” we’ll call it that, and within 30 days I don’t think the algorithm can really understand who the best site is.

Choosing the main phrase

Even in 30 days it doesn’t really reflect the abilities of the promoter, out of these 30 days we had several holidays, Saturdays, etc. so there are barely maybe 10 clean working days left Canadian CTO CIO Email List for this competition which means that we really rely on the kindness of Google for ranking and not on the professionalism of the promoter.

Competition range

Summary Competition range

So like I said, 30 days including Saturdays and holidays. Not really a competition that can reflect anything, but it is a great way to learn a little more about the ranking factors in Google Israel.

There are great competitors who are doing an excellent job, currently our website is in the 4 place and Contact Email List there are 6 more days left for the competition. Let’s hope that Google will do us a favor

Who copid your content? This is how you will overcome content thieves!

There is no more annoying phenomenon than content theft! Check for duplicate content.


B2B Meanings and examples

Defining the 4  best B2B marketing strategies in an industrial or service company is not an easy task if it is the first time you are facing it. Quantifying only these 4, which I am going to B2B Meanings detail below as the best, can be presumptuous because it is true that each company works for itself. However, I want to share with you the B2B marketing strategies that always work for me and that I always apply when defining the path of a B2B company in these matters. I hope you find it interesting. Let’s start.

But watch out! A few things need to B2B Meanings

  • For example, a company that sells management software, or one that sells industrial machinery to Bitcoin Email Leads other companies directly or through B2B distribution, is not the same as a shoe manufacturer, for example, that sells through distribution (a store is another company). end customer.

This second case is not an example of a B2B business because the end customer, the one who buys, is a consumer. The same would happen with manufacturers of bags, clothing, jewelry… or others.

  • It may also happen that a given company operates in both types of B2B and B2C environments. Some examples of companies that we can highlight could be MediaMarkt, which has a B2B division in its business, since it also sells its products directly to companies, as well as to final consumers, or, for example, Apple, which also operates in both environments.

Examples of companies that operate in “ pure B2B environments” are, say , a technology company, one that sells consulting services (like this one), a law firm with business-only services, one that sells engineering services, or one that manufactures industrial machinery. Surely many other examples also occur to you.

Marketing strategies and B2B services

If b2b marketing is going to connect with influential people in purchasing decisions in b2b companies to Contact Email List solve their usual problems through our products or services, we should always know who those customers are and what worries them in order to connect, don’t you think.


Marketing Strategies in B2B companies

Marketing Strategies Human resources marketing strategies. What? Is marketing also in the human resources of an industrial organization or B2B services? Well yes, everything comes are observing in recent times how the labor market is changing at a forced march, people quit their jobs, seek new conditions in new jobs, salary is not everything and the Work-life balance and flexibility come into play when selecting a position and a company. What? What now my company loses power? A little if… Pay attention! I will tell you what we can do to cushion the blow because coming, coming and whether we like it or not, the way we act will affect our business and its income statement differently. Let’s go there.

What is internal marketing or Marketing Strategies?

Internal marketing or Human Resources is nothing more than the joint work carried out by the human resources and marketing departments in a company with Healthcare Lists different objectives: Definition of Employer Branding strategies: the creation of the company’s employer brand to build loyalty and attract talent. Defining Employee Advocacy strategies: getting employees to be brand ambassadors for the company (physically and digitally) with multiple benefits for both. Design of Internal Communication and Corporate Branding strategies to improve the employee experience, effectiveness, involvement, and their commitment…among many others. Co-Creation with other key departments and General Management to improve the current Corporate and Organizational Culture, also involving everyone in the creation and scope of the corporate brand.

Employer Branding Strategies

As the technology company AMBASSADOR rightly says, Employee Advocacy is a strategy that seeks to Contact Email List to promote the brand of a corporate entity through employees. As we have been saying, the employee is the best ambassador and the best speaker that any company can have.

It is referral marketing taken to its finest. Nobody builds trust more than what an employee says and does.



Internal communication plan in an industrial

Nowadays, having an internal communication plan in a B2B company. Very few industrial and service companies see the potential. Benefits of taking action and having a plan. to improve their internal communication every day. Therefore, pay attention, because I am giving. You some clues so that you can apply them in your B2B company. Watch out! It does not matter if the company is bigger or smaller. Good communication does not understand the size Let’s start.

Benefits of having an effective internal

Throughout my professional life, and I am sure that you do too, I have been able to verify on many occasions how a lack of effective communication within the organization, both horizontally between departments, and vertically from management or higher-ups, causd problems. of a different nature in the organization, which in many cases could have been avoidd. This has always given me rage! Communication is vital for things to always work, in all areas, but in a business environment where the result of the Email List of School Principals organization depends on the direction and precise execution of people and teams belonging to different areas, much more, don’t you think? For this reason, I want to talk to you about the benefits of having an effective internal communication plan, and how it will help you, to later give you some action clues, many of them simple, that everyone can carry out in your industrial company or of B2B services. Surely reading them you feel identifid with some problems that every day you have to face. Pay attention, they have a solution.

Internal communication

An effective internal communication plan will always help to

Keep employees alignd and committd to the aspirations, causes, and discourses of the organization. There is nothing worse for an employee than not knowing what the company’s direction, purpose, and objectives are in the medium-long term, don’t you think?

  1. Improve the environment between employees and departments, collaborating with Contact Email List each other on projects in a coordinate and very useful way. Success and a good atmosphere are assurd.
  2. A good internal communication plan increases the productivity of the company. Motivated and committe collaborators, because they know, they are more productive.