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Therefore If You Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Vivo or Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, which have taken advantage of the expansion of the tournaments of one of the largest brands, the Chinese Tencent . Or smaller companies like Fortum, a Therefore If You clean energy brand that sponsord DreamHack CS:GO Masters Stockholm 2018. How to interact with esports keys brands and esports There are many ways to interact with esports. However, 48.1% of the sponsoring brands have focusd on these 3 types of actions: Advertising presence .

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Be it on gamer t-shirts, in streams or even on billboards during events. Trigger events . Which follows the patterns of other event sponsorships Appearance in esports content or generation of new content. 3 keys why a brand should take advantage of esports & gaming sponsorships There are multiple reasons that support the commitment to esports & gaming sponsorships of brands. These are some of the keys that make brands China Phone Number List approach esports: They can reach a specific target audience more easily . In fact, it’s probably one of the few ways to get to centennials . Not only that. By doing so, brands manage to associate themselves with a young and modern image. The Limelight study ” State of Online Gaming ” puts the numbers that give value to this sector: Gamers between 18 and 25 years old spend more time watching broadcasts than sports, a total of 5.14 hours per week in the first case and 4 .82 of traditional sport. They open a new sales channel .Therefore If You

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The world has changd. With the advent of the Internet, there was an explosion of new mdia. It is no longer worth promoting your products or services in traditional mdia. Young people have stoppd consuming television to watch YouTube and Twitch. Therefore, it is now necessary to try new channels, such as streaming services such as Twitch . Spaces where people speak differently. Where brands have to communicate with the language of millennials and centennials. Esports & gaming sponsorships allow for greater customization . It’s not about putting logos on t-shirts anymore. Multiple possibilities arise, some even unimaginable, that help communication to be more segmentd and individualizd. Relationship between esports and brands, a trend in 2019 trends in esports in 2019 As seen in the chart above, one of the main esports trends for 2019 is centerd around the relationship between brands and gamers. According to the consultant Newzoo, more and more gamers are going to participate in branding campaigns.