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Pioneer strategy

Pioneer strategy point of this strategy is to create new market segments or radically transform existing ones. This is not just a product upgrade, it is a search for revolutionary solutions, the profitability of which is often in question.

A good example of such a marketing strategy is the famous Apple company, which launched the first personal computers. From domestic examples, one can recall the Zenith trademark.

Or take the well-known McDonald’s. When the company decided to open its restaurants in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, it took quite a risk. First, Asian consumers were mostly unfamiliar with American cuisine.

Secondly, the conveyor system for preparing meals and serving customers at McDonald’s was also new to representatives of Eastern culture. That is why the firm was looking for a certain type of franchisor who was willing to take some risk in search of profit.

Positional defense

In the defense of the borders, impregnable fortifications are of great help. Remember at least the Maginot Line, which was supposed to protect the French from German aggression. Only now the Australia Phone Number Germans preferred not to storm this line directly but used a detour.

This example shows that any static defense is powerless in the face of carefully thought-out offensive actions, whether in war or in business.

Pioneer strategy

The marketing policy of companies that are limited to protection alone Pioneer strategy cannot be called far-sighted. The validity of this statement is confirmed by the example of Henry Ford, who saw nothing but his “Model T” and eventually bankrupted an enterprise with an annual income of more than a billion dollars.

Flank protection

Other examples include Bayer, Aspirin, and Coca-Cola. Despite all the fame of these companies, their position in the market cannot be called absolutely stable.

The owners of Coca-Cola, realizing this, began to Contact Email List buy enterprises that produce a variety of fruit drinks, as well as diversify the production process. And this is despite the fact that the company sells almost half of the soft drinks worldwide.

The conclusion here can be drawn as follows: under no circumstances should an attacked enterprise focus only on defense. Engaged in the construction of fortifications alone, the war cannot be won.

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