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Organic website promotion competition

Organic website promotion competition On September 11, 2022, a website promotion contest in Israel was starte. Gal Haziza from Buy post, the exclusive sponsor of the contest.

Over 20 website promoters have sign up for the contest. the winner of which is the one who reaches #1 within 30 days for a brand new generic phrase on Google.

This is the second time that this competition is held in Israel and you can learn a lot about Google’s algorithm from it.

I will provide a small overview of the competition here and give my opinion on the nature of the competition.

Choosing the main phrase of Organic website

The phrase chosen is ” Neve Pritzky ” in the guise of a new city in Israel.

Already on that day, it was possible for CIO and CTO Email Lists Organic website promotion competition to see the websites of the competitors starting to appear on Google, but in the first few days Google prefers to give the first places to news websites that publishes articles about “Neva Pritzky”.

Organic website

The organic websites can be learned from

Lots! First of all, I sign up for the contest just to better understand Google’s algorithm. As soon as you start something from 0 on a brand new phrase, interesting things happen in Google.

First of all, you can see that domain seniority is a main player in the initial ranking, as soon as an old news site arrives or just an old site that posts about the competition, Google will obviously prefer it over new domains.

You can see that the first site that leads in the last week of the competition. Site with a Contact Email List and excellent user experience that is built just like a real local authority site.

So we learn here the user experience on the website. Rating factors should be taken into account. When building a website and promoting it afterward.


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