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How to Build Your Blog Using Old Fashioned Email

How to Build Your Blog Most people want to be successful as a blogger. Do everything in their power to increase traffic and build a community. This includes building high solid content, and employing well-chosen keywords. Implementing sound SEO, encouraging incoming links, and any other tricks that are in the works.

But when it comes to email, too often bloggers just shrug their shoulders. “What does this email have to do with my blog?”

a lot of.

Bloggers generally love the idea of ​​posting content and having people read it via drag and drop. They believe in “pull” marketing. Build it and they will come. That’s fine, but it’s only half the equation. The other half is “push” marketing. And one of the best ways to promote is with email.

Provide your RSS feed email

RSS is popular, but since you can B2C Email your feed, why not encourage more people to subscribe? Even better, why not start a free newsletter with your blog content? Either way, you build a list of addresses that you can use to deliver messages to your audience to drive blog traffic, sell products, provide services, register people for webinars, or whatever your business model requires.

How to Build Your Blog Using Old Fashioned Email

For example, I help run a blog for a nonprofit political organization. When I first got involved, the site got minimal traffic and didn’t put much emphasis on email. By launching a weekly newsletter and building thousands of subscribers included in the list, website traffic has exploded with millions of hits steadily increasing each month.

So what does it take to start using email to build your blog or online business? Here are a few pointers.

Some people prefer to use a newsreader, but if you leave this option, you’d be surprised how many people will subscribe to your blog via email. If you use FeedBurner, for example, you just cut and pasted the code snippet differently and provided the link to the email signup.

Start an easy opt-in email newsletter.

This is a much more powerful way of building an email list. While this is a little more work, it provides a means of connecting with people outside of your blog and expanding your reach. Of course, your newsletter must provide valuable content and not be purely self-serving. My Copywriting and Direct Marketing CommunicationsFor example, include monthly quotes, links to my blog, marketing tips, free subscriptions to business magazines, editorial articles, and in-depth articles. Your newsletter can be short or long, but to get and keep subscribers, you have to Contact Email List with real value.

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