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How did I reach the Alexa rank of 21 in 182,801 days?

How did I reach Inspired by Kulwant Nagi’s interesting post which achieved an excellent Alexa rank in 20 days, I thought of writing something that would help with my new freelance writing blog, Esme Network and get a better Alexa rank every day.

What is Alexa Rank? Should you believe it?

Alexa is a simple metric to measure the ranking of your domain based on incoming traffic. Just like we use Google Analytics to monitor the progress of our blog, Alexa is an important traffic estimation tool. It’s about the importance of Alexa ratings .

Some people don’t believe in the Alexa ranking factor because the numbers can be easily calculated; I’m actually one of them, but after 3 years of blogging, I’ve come to believe that Alexa does matter , especially in attracting blog advertisers.

You shouldn’t overlook your Alexa rank just because advertisers put it in the spotlight, it’s a quick way to find basic blog stats.

How did I reach the Alexa rank of 21 in 182,801 days?

Even though I purchased the domain in July 2013, I started building the blog at the end of July and only made it public on the domain for the first week of January 2014.

On the 6th of the month, I noticed that the Alexa rating was 700,995 globally, when I checked on the 27th of the month it was 182,801 globally and 182,801 in India.

For me, the progress is very good, Afghanistan Email Lists especially if I count the steps to reduce the bounce rate and the time spent on my blog.

You’ll find plenty of strategies scattered around the web that will give you great insight into improving your Alexa Rank . I’d like to add my thoughts on this –

1. Install the Alexa Toolbar:

The first step is to install Alexa Toolbar. It helps Alexa monitor your blog and keep the stats updated. One downside is that Alexa only records visits from those who have the toolbar installed.

This feature limits the display of correct traffic data, but it’s still a useful resource. Install Toolbar.

2. Participate in social activities:

I feel like the only reason why my blog’s Alexa rank has improved is good social media exposure. Since I’m just a blog creator and single-handedly managing everything from backend activities to blog post writing to marketing, I’m focusing on social sharing for now.

How did I reach the Alexa rank of 21 in 182,801 days?

How to do it

JustRetweet is a very powerful resource for blogI started by recommending a few newly published articles with JustRetweet. Simply log in with Twitter, set up a tweet for members to retweet, identify a credit and post it. It helps maximize blog reach because when members retweet, they retweet it to followers, which creates a huge chain network.

After JustRetweet, the next source is Facebook . I post new blog posts on my wall a few times and promote them heavily in Facebook groups. Join similar niche groups, allow blog links to be shared, and keep sharing every 1-2 days. I don’t recommend using any scripts or software for mass group sharing. Manually is the best way, but if you want to do it anyway, do so at your own risk.

Third on the list are Pinterest and Google+ ; I haven’t used them a lot before, but they have shown great results. Share blog post images on multiple Pinterest boards. The image should be attractive and spark interest. On Google+, share your profile and join some groups again. I recommend that you avoid dropping links on Google+ because they don’t show much results in my personal experience. Instead join 2-3 forums that have a large number of members, interact with them and share links to your recent blog posts to answer someone’s query. Linkedin

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