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How To Create A WordPress Blog In 15 Minutes Step By Step Beginner’s Guide

How To Create A WordPress Blog

With this detailed guide on how to start a WordPress blog , Jitendra Vaswani wants to help those newbies who want to start blogging in 2023 and are willing to make money blogging.

Blogworld: Can You Really Make Money Blogging? i will explain everything here 

About 20 years ago, the Internet was just an information tool. In those days, when the “World Wide Web” was just entering its adolescence, websites were simple, basic, offering a one-way conversation. Over time, with the introduction of transaction-based websites and online shopping, the Internet evolved into a more integrated and interactive model.

Then came the moment when the online world suddenly rose up and changed with the times. Web 2.0 (social networking). Back then, user-generated content became a huge part of the online world. Today, we’ve reached a stage where websites provide a two-way conversation and blogs are taking over. In this detailed blogging guide, you’ll learn how to create a WordPress blog in WordPress in 15 minutes .

Internet and blogging today

Over the years, the Internet has gained an unprecedented boost, with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. taking over the Internet. News, education, entertainment, knowledge, health, etc. have found an Austria Email List concrete platform to showcase through Google and YouTube.

The Internet is growing faster than ever, and today anyone can build a website for free. Since the late 1990s, blogging has created a new and unique platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge and opinions through online content and posts. Now, it’s a real career that earns you income and respect.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

If you do your research, there are millions of blogs found every day around the world.

A quick look at our guide on how to start a WordPress blog

(tips and tricks) Linkedin

After reading all the necessary steps and requirements for building a blog, I’ll take you through a quick and brief revision. The steps below are more tips and tricks than a typical guide.

  • Choose your website platform.
  • Get a domain name.
  • Use cheap and reliable web hosting solutions.
  • Choose an ad that fits your blog.
  • Sign up and use the affiliate program to sell other products.
  • Select and contact well-known and established potential advertisers.
  • Market your services to readers.
  • Use your blog to deepen existing relationships with customers.
  • Write and upload relevant, high-quality content.
  • Update and optimize your blog regularly.
  • Install and add useful plugins for added features and functionality.
  • Use SEO techniques to attract more visitors and drive traffic to your blog.

Blog in detail

Blogging has become increasingly popular with the advent of Web 2.0 and social networking. Blogs have become the online diaries of thousands of people. Its content has also had a crucial impact on the political, business and social worlds. People and businesses alike recognize the power of bloggers as online influencers.

Just for a little extra knowledge, if you’re considering starting your own blog, there are some popular and important variations of the word “blog” that you should be aware of.

  • blog

Blogging is simply the act of writing posts for a blog.

  • blogger

A blogger is simply someone who writes/creates content for a blog.

  • blogosphere

The Blogosphere is an online community of bloggers and bloggers.

Types of Bloggers

Based on today’s existing trends and technologies, there may be five types of blogs that are recognized:

  • amateur blog

These are the people who see blogging as a hobby and blogging as a pleasure. Their work consists primarily of blogs about personal meditations, etc., but they do not receive any income from them. Over 60% of these bloggers spend less than 4 hours a week blogging.

  • Freelance Professional Blogger

These people use blogging to earn extra income that supplements their main source of income.

  • Full-Time Professional Blogger

These are people who see blogging as a full-time career and see it as their main source of income.

  • corporate blog

These people are bloggers as part of their full-time jobs. They may even work full-time for the organization. The work of these bloggers accounts for almost 8% of the total number of bloggers.

  • Entrepreneur Blog

These are people who blog for companies they own. This is most common among start-up entrepreneurs. The work of these bloggers accounts for almost 13% of the total number of bloggers.

Why Blogging is Good for Business?

Over the past five years, blogging has evolved into the next big thing for various startups as well as established businesses. Businesses have started using blogging and social media to help reach the masses and promote their products and services virally on and through the internet. Here is a comprehensive list of points to prove why blogging is good or pretty good for any kind of business.

  • 126% increase in leads generated by small businesses and startups, including bloggers.
  • Interesting content is one of the top two reasons people follow brands on social media.
  • More than 30% of marketers and companies believe that blogging is the most important type of content marketing.
  • Today, over 75% of consumers trust blogs for advice, information and reviews.
  • About 90% of consumers find the content useful and reliable.
  • After reading the website, 60% of consumers feel the credibility and enthusiasm of the company.
  • Today, around 80% of consumers enjoy reading about brands and companies.
  • About 70% of consumers learn about companies through blogs and articles rather than advertisements.

Blog: Facts and Figures

Blog: Facts and Figures

  • More than 65,000 people around the world blog on blogging sites.
  • About 120,000 people around the world blog on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc.
  • Surveys show that people spend about 23% of their internet time on blogs and social networks.
  • About 75% of internet users read blogs.
  • About 53% of bloggers worldwide are between the ages of 21 and 35.
  • Today, most bloggers are women.

10 Highest Earning Blogs

Here is an updated list of the top 10 highest-earning bloggers in the world.

  • The Huffington Post (monthly income: ~$2,330,0000)
  • Mixable (monthly income: about $560,000)
  • Perez Hilton (monthly earnings: ~$450,000)
  • TechCrunch (monthly revenue: about $400,000)
  • Smashing Magazine (monthly income: ~$190,000)
  • Timothy Sykes (monthly income: ~$150,000)
  • Gotham (monthly income: ~$110,000)
  • Tuts Plus (monthly income: ~$110,000)
  • Automotive consulting (monthly income: about $70,000)
  • Beat VCs (monthly income: about $60,000)

If you’re reading this guide, here’s why you’ll find this blog setup guide useful.


  • This blog setup guide is very simple, perfect for beginners.
  • Straightforward and easy to understand. This guide is not complicated, and we guarantee that by the end of this guide you will have a well-running blog.
  • This guide is current with the latest facts and trends and is regularly updated.
  • This guide has been created to focus primarily on the WordPress platform for the best results.
  • Help on demand. Contact me via email, or leave your comments below. It is my pleasure to assist you with your queries.
  • It’s free!

Steps to Building a Blog

How To Create A WordPress Blog

Just like any other normal website, there are many steps and requirements to starting a blog. In this guide, I’ve condensed the list of requirements into 3 main steps around which all other general steps take place. So, without further ado, we jump right into it.

Step 1: Choose your website platform.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and hosting.

Step 3: Customize and tweak your website.

A blog is just another type of website that requires a basic setup platform, domain name, hosting, and customization. Once you’ve got those things set up, you can choose to make it a blog or an online store.

Step 1: Choose Your Website Platform

The first thing you need to worry about is deciding which platform you want to use to build your website. You’re better off choosing a user-friendly platform to build your website and manage your own online content.

A content management system (CMS) or website building platform makes website building accessible to almost anyone, and allows you to create a website and work with it without having to deal with a lot of HTML pages.

There are many website building platforms today, each with different difficulties, features, and features. Here is a percentage breakdown of the most used website building platforms today.

HubSpot Content Management System is one of the most user-friendly content management systems on the market. It allows you to create various pages and automatically optimizes content for mobile and search engines. Additionally, you can personalize your content for each website visitor based on location, source, device, language or any other details you have stored in HubSpot CRM , from demographics to your contacts and branding interactive.

WordPress is clearly the most popular and most used website building platform and is way ahead on the charts. Let me list some key factors that make WordPress stand out from other competitor platforms such as Drupal and Joomla. There are many advantages to point out.

  • Completely free.

  • Anything for free has a huge appeal. WordPress is no exception. You don’t need to worry about creating a paid account for it. You don’t need to pay any download or installation fees. It’s completely  free .

    • Highly customizable and easy to use.

    WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve ever used. It has a simple user interface and is highly flexible that will suit everyone’s purposes. When it comes to customization, WordPress offers a huge community who have designed attractive themes, layouts, and templates to choose from to beautify your website.

    • Beginner friendly.

    “Beginner-friendly” is more important than “user-friendly”. WordPress has a whole set of useful and free plugins to enable you to handle any type of site you wish to create. “Plugins” enable you to add contact forms, subscription forms, photo galleries, etc. and give your website a more interactive setup.

    • Suitable for large and small websites.

    WordPress can easily handle large corporate websites and small blogs for online stores. In fact, WordPress is used by major websites like eBay, Mozilla, CNN, and even NASA.

    • Responsiveness and compatibility.

    Once you build your website, you want it to work on almost any mobile device. Websites built with WordPress are responsive and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    • No coding required.

    You don’t need any technical coding to create a website on WordPress. Perhaps this is the main reason why WordPress is the most popular website building platform today.

    • Best SEO

    WordPress gives you the best in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making your website more likely to attract more customers.

    Step 2: Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

    Step 2 presents two important requirements for the correct existence and functioning of the website:

    • Domain name (something like
    • Host (the recipient who connects your website to the Internet)

    A domain name is simply the web address you will type into the search or URL bar to navigate to your site. This is your personal blog address where people can find you over and over again. It defines the existence and identity of your website.

    You can choose a domain name by purchasing your own custom domain name through your preferred website builder, or you can purchase it yourself through an online domain registrar like GoDaddy  or  NameCheap .

    Hosting is the medium that connects your website to an Internet server. Having a hosting server will make your website load fast and people can access it easily. Without web hosting, you cannot use your domain.

    I strictly advise against starting a “free” website/blog as it lays out a list of disadvantages against you.

    • Free sites are owned by the provider, not you.
    • Such sites may be removed at any time without notice.
    • Providers will place their own advertisements on your website.
    • You can’t make money from free websites.

    Where can I get my domain name and hosting?

    If you search on the Internet, you will find countless authorized and reliable sites on the Internet from which you can get a domain name and hosting. But if you ask me to pick one out of them, my personal preference is

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