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In recent years, dozens of technologies have emerge that influence the way we relate to almost all aspects of our lives: meicine, gastronomy, tourism or eucation. It was a matter of time before many of them were applie to marketing, one of the disciplines that most influence consumer behavior. Here we focus on As you can the 10 technologies that will change the way of doing marketing that are already among us : 1.- Big Data Big Data One of the consequences of applying digital transformation to companies is an enormous avalanche of data. The cost of storing petabytes of data is getting lower.

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Therefore, any device can collect millions of data that can become a nightmare if not use properly. When it comes to marketing, this large volume of data can help segment databases much better . And customize the different UAE Phone Number List messages depending on tastes, interests and even the behavior of users. The important thing in this case is to be able to use the right technology to bring together all your marketing channels . And manage to turn data into knowlege. 2.- Internet of things.

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The reuction in the cost of microchips has meant that almost any device can incorporate sensors that are connecte to each other. This is the basis of what is known as the Internet of Things, “ a concept that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. If everyday objects had built-in radio tags, they could be identifie and manage by other Contact Email List equipment, in the same way as if they were by human beings, ” as indicate in the Internet Wikipeia entry for the things . The progressive incorporation of this technology into our lives may make it necessary to start designing digital marketing strategies that are directe not so much at people as at objects.

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