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An example of developing

An example of developing you own an online store that sells luxury watches. And the resulting profit does not satisfy you at all. The number of visitors to the site is gradually increasing, but this does not affect the conversion rate in any way.

Your first priority in this situation is to analyze what is happening and find weaknesses in your business. In addition, you need to draw up a portrait of the target consumer and carefully study the offers of your competitors.

Types and examples of marketing strategies

Analytics counters show that the base mass of USA Phone Number List site visitors are middle-class people whose income does not allow them to purchase your product. Conclusion: certain adjustments should be made to the marketing strategy.

For example, to supplement the assortment with goods of a lower price category, but not inferior in quality to the main products of the store. We also need to redesign the site and include a more detailed technical description in the product cards.

An example of developing

After all the changes made, it is imperative to monitor the effectiveness of the new strategy at all major stages. The above example shows that actions that are thought out in advance provide a business with

Differentiation strategy

We can say that this marketing strategy is based on the old folk wisdom that advises never to put all your eggs in one basket. A company operating simultaneously in several directions does not depend so much on external factors.

An example is the domestic pharmaceutical business. A few years ago, wholesalers began to create their own retail chains.

Or another example. The well-known company Adidas initially specialized in the production of exclusively sports shoes. Now there are many more products with a famous brand. These are all Contact Email List kinds of bags and backpacks, jackets and baseball caps, and other sports or near-sports goods.

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